About the Children's Agenda

Working together to achieve what we cannot do alone.

The Santa Clara County Children’s Agenda is a county-wide network of public, nonprofit, K-12, higher education, business, philanthropic and community leaders committed to working together to improve outcomes for children, youth and families. We accomplish this collectively, by sharing knowledge, aligning and coordinating resources, and using data and research to inform decision making, guide program and policy improvement, and drive results.

Our Vision:
Every child safe, healthy, successful in learning, successful in life.

Our Mission:
Improve outcomes for children, youth and families through cross-sector partnership, a data-driven framework, targeted and aligned action, and by promoting policies, investment and practice that put children and youth first.

Kids in Common provides backbone support to the Santa Clara County Children’s Agenda. For more information about the Children’s Agenda, please contact Dana Bunnett at DBunnett@KidsinCommon.org.

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