Values and Principals of Action

Our Values

Every Child Matters: Every child should have an equitable pathway to a healthy and successful life. We cannot allow race, poverty or zip code to be a barrier to success nor define opportunity. The potential of our children is a resource we cannot afford to waste.

Focus on Families: Children thrive in healthy families and our work should be focused on strengthening families to support the healthy development of their children. Healthy families build the next generation of healthy children and families.

Community: We focus on what connects us rather than what separates us and communicate to each other with transparency and integrity.

Courage: We have the tough conversations that no one likes having and take risks in pursuit of improving outcomes for children, youth and their families.

Principles of Action

Targeted Universalism: We have common goals for all our children and recognize the need to redesign our structures to address the specific barriers to opportunity that exist between differently situated populations.

Strategic Action: Aligning efforts and resources to magnify impact within my organization and in partnership with other organizations.

Results Focused: Using data and evidence to tell us whether we are successful in our individual organizations’ work as well as at the community level.

Continuous Improvement: Disciplined and relentless commitment to improved results and to narrowing racial and economic disparities.

Equity: We must recognize and address structural and institutional racism, discrimination, harassment, and biases across systems that contribute to inequitable outcomes for children and their families.

Stakeholder Engagement: Ensuring those affected by the decisions are involved in making them.

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