Kids in Common

What is Kids in Common?

Kids in Common, advocates for policies, partnerships and investments that improve children’s lives in Santa Clara County. Children need a strong public voice — a voice that promotes and protects their best interests. Kids in Common is that voice and challenges leaders and decision-makers in our community to act in best interest of our children. 

Kids in Common provides convening support for the Santa Clara County Children’s Agenda, a focused, integrated, project that utilizes data and research to inform decision-making, guide program improvement and drive results.


Download the 2021 Children’s Data Book here! (For the 2020 data book, click here)

Register for the 2021 Children’s Summit here!

In Santa Clara County, anything less than a meaningful postsecondary credential is an economic death sentence. The Opportunity Youth Partnership is a cross-sector partnership committed to building a seamlessly integrated opportunity ecosystem that ensures young people can easily get from wherever they are to wherever they want to be.